Bedroom décor trends that’s hot right now

It’s difficult to talk about the “latest trends” in an industry when, come a few months time, there’ll be a new trend on everyone’s lips. And in terms of home décor, it’s not financially possible to always stay updated with the latest in bedroom décor trends, for example. We have our bedroom furniture sets and there’s only so much DIY they can undergo before we might as well just buy new bedroom furniture for sale.

But, for now, these are the bedroom design and décor trends that 2019 has seen and, somewhat, stuck with.


Dark and bold colours have been making their way into our homes. Emerald green, cobalt blue and ultraviolet specifically. These colours make interior decorating slightly easier as the walls and bedding sets speak for themselves and everything else can get away with being simple.

If you aren’t too keen on dark dramatic décor, you could just stick to the black bedroom furniture accents in a lighter coloured bedroom. It’s a modern and statement finish that can take your bedroom’s look from neutral to stylish with no effort. Consider black bedroom furniture for your bed frame, floating shelves, headboard and nightstands.

But not everyone is looking for dark tones in their bedroom. And that’s okay. If you’re looking for a lighter tone, then pale pink, yellow and tropical greens are also trending on the other end of the décor spectrum this year.


Texture is definitely a consistent trend throughout 2019 and will likely remain a trend through 2020 as well. Only because there are infinite texture combinations that people can play around with and incorporate within the four walls of their bedroom.

If there are key textures that have shown up throughout the year, it would have to be velvet, woven textures in bedroom furniture, knitted and anything soft and fluffy. It’s also incredibly easy to bring textures into your bedroom décor with throw pillow, blanket, carpet and seating furniture.

But you can also choose to play with texture on your bedroom walls. Keeping your concrete walls raw and unpainted or adding a wooden feature wall to your bedroom gives it an edge that all bedrooms need to make it Pinterest worthy or “on-trend”.

And the best part about the texture trend is that it doesn’t have to match. Mixing textures and playing around with layers is, basically, the whole point of bedroom décor. It’s the best trend because you can have all the bedroom furniture items you like even if they aren’t necessarily the same shade or texture.


This isn’t a bedroom trend that everyone can pull off. Some of us have never mastered the art of a constantly neat wardrobe so having an open closet on display as a décor aesthetic, just wouldn’t work.

But for those whose bedrooms are constantly organised and neat, this is a great way to play with negative space. Open wardrobes work as a piece of personalised wall-art that changes with the seasons (literally because winter clothes have no place in summer).

Obviously, the clothing rails and open wardrobe structures aren’t suited to accommodate an entire wardrobe, so you’ll still be using your built-in cupboards or storing the rest of your off-season clothes somewhere else.

But the combination of floating shelves for shoes, wall hooks for hats and floating rails for everything else is simple, yet totally trending.


This isn’t a décor trend so much as it is a general bedroom trend. But people are trying to design their rooms and use comfortable bedroom furniture to create a peaceful escape. They’re making the most of the space by playing with the natural light, adding greenery in the room, burning essential oils and turning the focus to rest and restoration rather than electronics and distractions.

They do this through window shutters that can dim the natural light to the mood, using soft lighting for the evenings and having a seating arrangement somewhere in the room. This can be a small couch at the foot of the bed, armchairs facing the windows or a day bed along the window.

Your bedroom is there to sleep in so it’s important to have bedroom furniture that your mind can associate with rest. You don’t need a TV screen above your bed. And as for the décor, well, that’s personal style and preference.

Your bedroom can be an authentic expression of yourself, what you like and how you feel. These are just some of the trends that people are gravitating towards this year. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow them. For all you know, you could be styling your bedroom in 2020 trends already.