BLINDS 2Venetian Blinds:

Venetian blinds can be supplied in either aluminium or wood, all allowing you to easily control your privacy and and light entry.

Aluminium blinds provide a sleek, modern and durable finish to your window and can be made in 15mm, 25mm or the fashionable 50mm.

Wooden blinds provide a warm elegance to your room and come in a wide variety of natural wood finishes each with its own distinctive colour such as golden oak, mahogany or cherry or even white and cream enabling easy matching of existing wooden furniture. The simple elegance of wooden venetians fits into a professional office as beautifully as it does in your home.






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Roller Blinds:

Modern roller blinds offer a wide variety of materials from PVC to white canvas and other materials in a range of colours. They are versatile enough to be used with any décor style, and are completely unobtrusive when raised completely. The mechanisms are of superior quality, with smooth operation and longevity.

Roller blinds can be used to protect expensive curtains from excessive direct sunlight









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Roman Blinds:

Roman blinds provide privacy, insulation and complete light control. Inspired
by the latest trends in soft furnishings, fabric roman blinds are hand finished to
the highest standards.

Suitable for any area of the home but also practical in
offices and other commercial locations.