Classic Christmas decorating ideas for the Festive Season

Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, these Christmas decorating ideas will inspire a simply perfect holiday style.


Let your furniture play a supporting role in your Christmas decor. Adding small wreaths (these are made from princess-pine greenery) to a cabinet with breakfront doors makes the whole piece — and all of its contents — shine during the holidays.


Instead of greenery, embellish your stair rail with ribbons and wreaths this year. Attach small winterberry wreaths to the railing with wire. Then drape the railing with lengths of ribbon, threading them through the wreath wires to create a swag.


Let this simple vignette shine by grouping silver tea service pieces and topping them with crystal garland and a snowflake ornament. They’ll look extra special when arranged on a white cake platter and topped with a cloche.


Need a last-minute table decoration? Snip greenery from your tree and bind the ends together with raffia bows, then place inside clear glasses filled with an inch of water.


Impress your guests with ribbon cascading from a chandelier. Gather lengths of ribbon and tie in a bow around the base of your light fixture. Spread the ribbons out (a la maypole) and tuck into place settings between a dinner plate and salad plate. Once the meal gets started, release the ribbons from the plates and either let them float to the center of the table or tie them in a loose knot to keep them out of the way.