Latest collections from Hertex


This collection of artfully textured weaves, woven and designed in Europe provides the perfect backdrop for luxurious living. The four tweed-look designs are 800gm in weight and made from a mix of natural and synthetic yarns: sophisticated and modern, they also give a nod to the artisanal trend. Kitengela, Méma and Diego are all suitable for upholstery, and provide a subtle but robust platform for bold colour-play.


Kingdom, a collaboration between Hertex and Envy Co, is a proud celebration of Africa’s rich history This utterly original collection represents a journey through this fabled continent, with abstract geometric fabrics that symbolise the Cradle of Mankind the birth of humanity Stalking showcases the magnificent beasts that call Africa home in velvet animal prints, while the treasures of Ancient Egypt feature in textured printed weaves in Mauritania Mesopotamia and Mahogany The unfathomable wealth and flamboyant design aesthetic of African royalty over the centuries from Mali’s legendary and widely traveled Mansa Musa to the Emperors, Sultans, Kings and Chiefs who reigned supreme throughout the continent come to glowing life in Malawi and Mombasa all sumptuously coloured printed velvets.


Outdoor velvet? Of course! Our new fully- washable outdoor velvet offers luxurious comfort and cool (no more scalded thighs when you sit down) in full sun. Twelve fashionable colours range from Icicle White to Industrial Granite with 10 trendy shades in between. Extremely well-priced and durable, Luxury is highly recommended for restaurant chairs and sunny spots indoors.


The skillful combination of various textures in one piece of furniture to add both interest and depth is Europe’s top trend right now. Our Texture Blocking range is designed specifically with that in mind: you can choose from coordinated neutral shades in a wonderful variety of weaves and finishes that include a luxurious Jumbo soft-pile cord, a Coco Chanel heavy tweed, a vintage chenille and two artisanal woven plains. Well-priced and durable, Texture Blocking is perfect for both home and hospitality application.

*Please note fabric colours may vary slightly. Before ordering your fabric, we suggest you check the actual colours.

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