3 Benefits of Wallpaper

Source: Hertex

Wallpaper is making a comeback! There are now many different patterns, colours and textures available, which cannot be imitated by paint. If you are considering wallpapering an entire room, or just a feature wall, here are 3 great benefits of wallpaper we think you should know.

Wallpaper Looks Unique

Source: Hertex

It’s not every day you step inside someone’s home and see a wallpapered room or wall. It’s something special, something different. As the popularity of wallpaper increases, so does the range of colour, pattern and texture options. From traditional filigree wallpaper, to modern textures, even wooden and leather finishes – whatever you’re looking for, you can find it.

For a less intense look, you can wallpaper a feature wall, in built shelving or an alcove. This adds interest to a room and creates a sense of depth.

Wallpaper Can Be Budget Friendly

Source: Hertex

Wallpaper is affordable for two reasons:

  1. There is a wallpaper product for any budget. An increase in popularity has seen and increased number of products and brands available, and different brands cater for different budgets. You can also wallpaper a small area, which means you don’t have to buy rolls and rolls of wallpaper.
  2. Although wallpaper has a higher installation cost than paint, it does last longer.

Wallpaper is Durable

Source: Hertex

Modern wallpaper can last up to 15 years, whereas paint may need to be touched up every 3 years or so. Wallpaper is tough and easy to clean. You can even purchase vinyl varieties of wallpaper that are even easier to clean!

To ensure the longevity of your wallpaper, it’s best to avoid wallpapering bathrooms and kitchens, as this will expose the wallpaper glue to excess moisture. Moisture can cause the wallpaper to peel. Bedroom, lounge rooms and dining rooms are well suited to wallpaper.

Because wallpaper lasts so long, when it does eventually begin peeling, you may not be able to find an exact match in order to retouch the damage. It’s best to buy an extra roll or two, just in case.

Source: Hertex

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Dream bedrooms: décor ideas to put you on cloud 9

Stuart Graham Fabrics

The bedroom is where we go to escape, a cocoon where we unwind, shrug off the day’s toils and slip, hopefully, into peaceful bliss. Décor can have a lot to do with that, creating spaces that breathe personality but are a balm for the soul. From modern to ornate, here are our top-pick bedrooms from our fabric collections to inspire you.


Oversized upholstered headboards are in! In fact, the bigger the better to truly make a statement of luxury. If you’re brave enough, you’ll even upholster an entire wall. Seen here is the new Instinct Collection featuring a headboard upholstered with Memory Cloud, scatters in Memory Canyon and curtains in Mission Ginger. The peachy undertones and smoky blue hues create a wonderful calming space.


Create a bedroom you can feel at peace in with these linen-look, handcrafted designs from the Canterbury Collection. The ten timeless weaves, jacquards and embroideries embrace easy geometrics, trails, dots and plains in a palette of Scandi inspiration.


Characterised by subtle geometrics, the smooth jacquard designs of the Instinct Collection add slick modernity to a bedroom.  The curtains are Cinematic Aluminium paired with  Virtual Sesame scatters.


Wallpapering just one wall in the bedroom goes a long way to personalise the space. Whether you like chic geometrics, misty forest landscapes, tumbling ferns or subtle florals, the Ambience Collection has a wide range of designs from which to choose.


Supersized florals have blossomed in popularity. In a clean and airy space such as this room, a busy pattern can work. South Pacific is ideal for this. The sunny tones of Polynesia Papaya seen here add warmth and personality to an otherwise stark room.

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Welcome spring with outdoor fabrics from Hertex

Outdoor velvet? Of course! The Hertex new fully- washable outdoor velvet offers luxurious comfort and cool (no more scalded thighs when you sit down) in full sun. Twelve fashionable colours range from Icicle White to Industrial Granite with 10 trendy shades in between. Extremely well-priced and durable, Luxury is highly recommended for restaurant chairs and sunny spots indoors.

OEKO-TEX®️ Certified and REACH compliant. The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification means that the fabric has been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health. OEKO-TEX®️ certification confirms the human-ecological safety of textile products from all stages of production along the textile value chain, from raw materials, fibres and yarns to ready-to-use products. It also attests to socially and environmentally sound production facilities and procedures.

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Colour Yum: A peaceful palette

One of our favourite shots from the Living with Skinny laMinx Lookbook is this bedroom shot, where they have made up a headboard in the Breeze print, and teamed that concrete colourway with a squishy pile of pillows in restful greys and sages. It’s the perfect palette for unwinding and recharging, don’t you think?

Cushions from L-R: Breeze, in ConcreteBrancusi Stripe in SpruceSimple Stripe, in Liquorice. 

We’re not the only ones who love this peaceful bedroom palette: French magazine Coute Ouest featured their Breeze cushions in the ‘moonbeam’ colourway in this dreamy bedroom….

…as did Marie Claire Maison, using their Woodpile print in sage as the perfect tonal match with that delicious wallcolour.

On Remodelista, we found this room using a range of greens, with a touch of pink coming through from the other room. We love the cushions they used, but we could totally toss in a Brancusi Stripe in Shell and a Gridly in Mint too, to up the pattern quotient.

If this palette of sages and greys appeals, take a look at the other pattern options in the Skinny laMinx fabric book:

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Top 10 best selling Designers Guild wallpapers

Home Fabrics has compiled the top 10 best selling Designers Guild wallpapers just for you! These wallpapers are not only domestic but also international favourites.
Designers Guild is well known for their huge array of printed, plain, semi-plain, plain and wonderfully textured wallpapers.

Allowing your inspiration to come from influences beyond the South African borders, choose from the myriad of colours available to you – from neutrals and naturals of every hue and tone to softer shades of washed colour and brighter signature accents, the Designers Guild wallpapers of Home Fabrics are suitable for any interior, from homes to hotels.

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