The best collection of rugs

CA Interiors offers designer rugs in over 200 shapes and sizes. Choose from a range of floral rugs, geometric rugs, classic rugs, round rugs, runners and more. Here is just a few of our favourites.

Agrabah Rugs

A classic design takes on a quilted and distressed look in this murky water and gunmetal grey collection.

Milieu Contemporary Rugs

Milieu contemporary rugs are abstract plush rugs in blue and greys that create a tranquil atmosphere. Available in two sizes.

Masterpiece Floral Rugs

Masterpiece floral rugs feature painted petals set against blackout backdrops. These rugs serve as an ode to oil paintings. Available as 200 x 300 cm rugs and round rugs. They suit all your spatial planning needs. These rugs truly are a walk of art.

Bogolan Rug

Inspired by West Africa, Bogolan rugs carry tribal, geometric and abstract designs in an earthy colour palette that taps straight into the African trade.

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