The comeback of velvet


Like many a times before, the trends of the past undeservedly gave velvet a somewhat poor and dusty image – very much at odds with a modern, trendy design.

Yet now, this fabric has made the biggest comeback since Britney and bold colours. Not only to the closet, but also to everything from a couch to a scatter cushion, and even curtains.


One of the main reasons for its comeback is a phenomenon that one can call “cocooning”, which very basically translates to feeling cosy at home, surrounded by soft fabrics. We as humans long for texture, structure and warmth in our homes.

Velvet is a perfect fit for this trend. It complements all sorts of styles and lends a certain elegance to upholstered furnishings. Advances in digital printing have allowed for more elaborate patterns to be printed on velvet, and because velvet holds colour very well, this makes for bright, saturated and bold prints.


Simple shapes can lend a contemporary makeover to this fabric, and it can look aesthetically pleasing in any colour – trendy in the berry hues of the season to modern in shades greys and other neutrals. If you’re feeling brave, choose mysterious, dark jewel shades like emeralds, dark blues, maroons or even ochre – which can add that striking wow factor.

Thanks to the pile, velvet makes any colour look luminous and vivid. Very much like during certain historical eras, the soft fabric is now being used for wall coverings, cushions, upholstery, bedspreads and more. And, if you’re not feeling the velvet vibe for all over your home, you can still add a touch of velvet magic with a scatter or a select upholstered item.