Tips for decorating a rustic holiday home

There’s something naturally rustic about the holiday season. Whatever the reason, this style gets a lot of attention, and we’re giving it some more.


There are quite a few colors that are associated with the holidays. Red, green, gold, and white are some of the most common. When it comes to creating the perfect rustic seasonal home, you want to keep your focus on the white. With subtle touches of the other colors as accents and décor, use white as backgrounds, upholstery, rugs, and more to create the feeling of being in a snow-covered forest.


Add coziness and warmth to the room with lots and lots of reclaimed wood. Not only do furnishings made with these materials usually come in a more muted, wintery color palette, but they’ll also add texture and that beautiful unfinished quality to the space that is so important when it comes to rustic designs.


When picking out holiday accents and décor, let yourself be inspired by nature. Reindeer immediately conjure up a Christmasy feeling, so use antlers as ornaments, hooks, and more to bring both the rustic and festive spirit into your home. Introduce succulents on wreaths, pinecones as bookends and candleholders, forest green upholstery on armchairs.


Whatever you do, don’t over decorate. This rustic look is all about simplicity–going back to the basics. Choose your furniture and décor carefully so that each piece is doing as much work as possible. This will allow you to keep your home feeling open, clean, and humble while still enjoying the hints of festive features.


The item that should be doing the most work in your rustic holiday home is your Christmas tree. This should be the center of attention. You must have a real tree in this style setting, though you can choose whether or not its branches are full or spare.